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The firm has a strong background in the formation and management of companies or other corporate issues.

So you wish to buy property in The Bahamas. Or, maybe you already own a piece of the ‘rock’ and the opportunity is ripe to transfer ownership. We can assist you in either scenario. From pre-transaction consultation through Agreement for Sale, to completion, let us steer you through the process.

The firm has a strong background in the formation and management of companies. Banking Law is another area of the firm’s concentration. Opinions are readily available on banking or other corporate issues. Banking Law is another area of the firm's concentration.

The maze of employment law is becoming increasingly difficult to navigate. Employers and employees alike require professional help in their relations with each other. The Employment Act, 2001 is the paramount legislation governing relations in the work force.In the absence of any statutory pronouncement on the issue, resort is had to the English Common Law.

With a cosmopolitan population, the nature of the Bahamian economy dictates much interaction with the Department of Immigration. To the developer of the large resort in tourism, the industrial manufacturer, the sole software developer, or the person requiring a nanny.

When it becomes necessary to pursue your rights through the courts of The Bahamas, Seymour & Co. is at your disposal. We provide representation in commercial disputes, personal injuries matters and in family law issues. For commercial disputes under $5,000.00 in value, the matter is determined in the Magistrates Court. Claims involving sums over this amount are determined in the Supreme Court.

Clients who prepare for the inevitable have several options available to them. In addition to assisting with drafting Wills and Enduring Powers of Attorney, we help in navigating the process of Probate and Administration of the deceased's estate.

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Due to the Covid-19 pandemic; and pursuant to the proclamation of a National Emergency in The Bahamas, our office is

Resealing Probate in The Bahamas

Where a grant of representation has been issued in a foreign state, you will require assistance in resealing the grant in The Bahamas to dispose of any assets located in this country

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