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Companies And Corporate Structures
The firm has a strong background in the formation and Management of companies. Whether it is the International Business Company (IBC) for the offshore investor or the domestic company for investors in the local economy or otherwise, our expertise is available for the structure you have in mind. We are also advisors on Exempted Limited Partnerships and the incorporation of Banks.
Banking Law is another area of the firms concentration. Opinions are readily available on banking or other corporate issues.

The government of The Bahamas, ever mindful of the growing needs of international investment, has provided the legal framework for a modern corporate vehicle for use by the international business person.
The International Business Companies Act, 2000 provides for the creation of a company to meet the specific needs of individuals and corporations in an increasingly sophisticated business world.
An IBC, because of its very flexible nature, can be tailor-made to suit a variety of legitimate business enterprises.
The IBC’s popularity is based on several factors:
  • Its ability to hold land or bank accounts in The Bahamas or elsewhere
  • The ease of incorporation from where ever you are located
  • Incorporation can take place within forty-eight hours of our receiving full instructions
  • Registered shares may be issued with or without par value, and may be issued in the currency of your choice
  • It can fully utilize today’s technologically advanced modes of communication. Meetings of directors and shareholders may be held by telephone or fax or any other electronic means
  • Shareholder's privacy is preserved
  • There are no statutory requirements for filing of financial statements
  • It's assets may be transferred to a trust; and the IBC may be owned by a trust or an individual.
The most important restrictions of an IBC are that it has no power to:-
  • Operate a Bank or Trust Company
  • Carry on business as an insurance or reinsurance company
  • Carry on the business of providing the registered office for companies; or
  • Carry on the business of "dealing" or "trading" in securities as an agent or providing "securities invesment advice" as these terms are defined in the Securities Industry Act, 1999.

The IBC must have and maintain a Registered Office and Registered Agent in The Bahamas.

SEYMOUR & CO can provide you with a company designed to meet your individual needs. Write to us with your individual requirements and we shall be happy to provide additional details on incorporating in The Bahamas. We also suggest that you consult with your local tax attorney to confirm the IBC meets your objectives.
If you are ready to incorporate, kindly download the Company Information Form and return the same to us with supporting documentation along with the appropriate fees.

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